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The Renaissance: 5 years Later

I can hardly believe its been half a decade...

November 11, 2016 sounds way more dramatic when you say it that way, but its true.

5 years ago today, a very bright and mild Friday November 11, 2011 at approximately 11:11am I released the very first link for the original version of my very first spoken word album, "The Renaissance". It really feels like eons ago.

As I reflect on the time that has passed, I can't help but remember the process and labor of love. I am truly grateful to have worked with many people-- family, friends, and other artists for the making of this project.

At some point today I'm sure I'll try to objectively listen to the album without criticizing, without cringing (at my voice, the content, the people whom received dedications who are no longer [/a meaningful] part of my life, the mistakes, the should've would've could'ves) and realize it is one of the most coolest things I've done with my time in this world. 

It is my sincere hope that you download the project, listen to the project-- multiple times, share the project, talk about the project with others, listen to the project, listen to the project, listen to the project!

May it change you, encourage you, humor you, inspire you, make you uncomfortable-- grow you, for it is the true nature of art.

Fans of my work have always given me life and will always continue to. Thank you, truly, from the healthiest part of my heart.


DOWNLOAD "The Renaissance:Deluxe Edition" HERE

Track List

  1. The Renaissance
  2. Fine Tuning
  3. Who Is The Verandah Girl
  4. Conversations Overheard
  5. renDeLaVouz- Me Myself and I
  6. The Once Daily Love'itra- 11am
  7. I'd Rather (What I Do)
  8. Common Cents For Sense
  9. Read Me
  10. Revelations- We've Met Somewhere Before (I Think)
  11. Wet
  12. How I Prostitute
  13. Raped- 7pm
  14. What Scares Me (Intermission)
  15. The Truth About What Scares Me
  16. I'll Never Really Make It
  17. The Performer's Guide To Audience
  18. Playback- And No One Heard A Word
  19. 3am- The Enlightened Darkness
  20. A Dream Deferred- Proud STD Carrier (An Ode To Mr. Hughes)
  21. 1pm- Moment In Life
  22. The One With The Outro
  23. The Lost Track- Convictions- Deluxe Material

Other Deluxe material

  • Bloopers- Common Cents For Sense
  • Bloopers- Read Me
  • Bloopers- Wet
  • Bloopers- We've Met Somewhere Before (I Think)
  • From The Cutting Room Floor- And No One Heard A Word
  • From The Cutting Room Floor- Conversations Overheard
  • From The Cutting Room Floor- Me Myself And I
  • From The Cutting Room Floor-The Truth About What Scares Me
  • Stumbling And Rumblings- An Interview (of sorts) with Verandah Shepard
  • Thank Yous and Dedications
  • The Renaissance- Inspirational Photographs
  • The Renaissance- The Raw Back Story
  • The Renaissance Written Audio Companion

R E A D | ME

The Unabridged Written Works of "The Renaissance" and "Twenty5" (2012)

With "Read Me" Shepard gives audiences the full, unabridged versions of her previously recorded audio projects. Though, not to be considered an extended version, "Read Me" includes pieces not heard on "The Renaissance" and "Twenty5" that were originally slated to be recorded. "Read Me" also includes "The Misfits"-- a small collection of pieces written over time after the release of both audio projects. She brings readers along for a written journey of life's complications, discovery of self, and love's promises. This unabridged collection of work answers some of life's toughest, oldest questions-- Who am I? How do I live this life? How do I heal from hurt and heartache? Saturated in biting wit, thought provoking analogy, and beautifully detailed images, her real, often comical, highly satirical outlook on life, love, and happiness, is relevant to creative hearts and minds of every age. 


I T | W A S | W R I T T E N

It Was Written (2013)

Second collection of poems from spoken word artist Verandah-Maureen Shepard.



"The Imaginary One" Simbrula Nox ft. Verandah-Maureen

"Measure Of A Man (His Hands)"

Acros Collection Fall/Winter 2014 for TSC Yarns by Designer John Brinegar



"Hello, Good Morning"

Interview with Derek Davis


T H E | R E N A I S S A N C E | D E L U X E | E D I T I O N (2011)

T W E N T Y 5 (2012)